100% Real, natural & organic handmade soaps!



My handcrafted soaps are made from scratch. I am using only natural ingredients that are good for your skin. All my soaps are vegetable and tested only on family and friends

     0103      My soaps are made only from natural, organic and highest quality ingredients and produced in small batches to ensure the highest quality. Each bar is handmade and unique so please allow for a variation in color, shape and size.Soaps are great for all types of skin, and a healthy choice for your entire family. Exceptional care goes into the crafting of every batch of handmade soap I produce.  02 05 

Natural soap = Healthy skin!

After switching to homemade natural soap, most find that their skin becomes healthier, smoother and less prone to dryness, redness, rashes, bumps and breakouts.

Our soap is good enough to eat – but we don't recommend it. 06


If you have any questioning about the natural soap I make, please let me know.


Thank you very much for looking into the natural soaps I make!